I need opinions.
there’s some confessions I receive and are so hesitant to make due to the probability of the band seeing it and I’m not sure how’d they react or if they might get hurt by it so should I not make those or?

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"I’ve had a lot of newer ghosts, and even older ones, treat me like shit just because the guys notice me more than some others. I just feel like.. The fandom isn’t being as accepting now that the guys are more successful. Like they’re all fighting for attention and it’s not okay. It hurts. I might not be Bessie and you might not like that I’m actually friends with them, but i shouldn’t be treated like shit. The fandom used to be amazing and now it sucks"
**disclaimer if this offends anyone or you just dont want this posted, let me know and talk to me about it**

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let me know what you think about this new layout? I’m just experimenting. :)

Attention all Ghosts!

Summer’s coming up and that means I’ll be starting up making (ghost town) confessions once again! I am very excited and I hope you guys are too. But first I need your help! The reason I went into Hiatus in the first place was lack of time and lack of submissions. I’ll be (or try depends how much I get) posting every day starting around mid-June with all the new confessions. So please, if you haven’t already, send in some of your confessions about Ghost Town today! I would appreciate it a lot so I can get back to making these for you guys!

To submit all you have to do is click <here>.

Thanks for reading and have an amazing day, Ghosts!

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full confession: “I’d loved Ghost Town from the start, but seeing them live just did something else for me. It was really strange, and since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the show. Being a UK fan, it’s quite hard to watch many concerts and things of American bands because it’s always in the USA or other countries. Hearing Ghost Town coming to the UK was the greatest day of my life and I’m so glad that I got tickets. I will never forget that night, and I hope with all my heart and soul they come back and keep doing shows. Taking pictures and talking to them made my life. Thank you so much Ghost Town for making me feel like the happiest person alive!”

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